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"Centipede Baby Milk Project"

Project Centipede - Tausendfüssler, has been supplying babies and toddlers in the orphanage in Sinmartin / Romania with food since March 3rd, 1990. The most important product for the little ones is definitely fresh baby milk.


1990-1992 it was not possible to buy fresh milk because the dairy cows had TB. As a substitute for the fresh milk, we found high-quality milk powder that could be used with boiled water.


It was not until 1993 that we were able to organize the "Centipede Baby Milk Project" with financial help from Scotland and three dairy farmers from Sinmartin. At the start of the project we received additional help from:

Baby Centipede Anita Kinney      VIS choir evening - milk for the children     H. Pickart starts Babymich project    Dr. Scharinger hands over Diakonie Award

Fresh baby milk from the farmer Sinmartin.                 Benefit concert f. baby milk Johann Botha              Benefit concert f. baby milk Sinfonia Academica

                                                                                                  and friends

An average of 130 children are supplied with baby milk every day. Each child receives 1/2 liter of milk a day.


Baby milk is probably our most important project for feeding the little ones, who often have to be taken into the orphanage with severe health deficiencies.


With a monthly donation of 15 € you can make a significant contribution to keeping the little ones healthy. Your financial help ensures the fresh milk supply for the babies and toddlers in Sinmartin!


                      Please support the "Centipede Baby Milk Project" with your donation.


Project Tausendfüssler - Project Centipede

Bank Austria UniCredit Group

IBAN AT19 1200 000607 133501



Thank you for your help

Louise and Heinz Pickart



PS: Your donation reaches the recipient - the babies and toddlers in Sinmartin - without any deductions!





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