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Our active projects for Romania

In the confusion following the revolution in Romania in December 1989, the terrible news about the living conditions of children in Romanian orphanages reached the Evangelic Reformed City Church in Vienna.  The minister of the Reformed Church in Mercurea Ciuc / Csikszereda told about an orphanage in the city of Keresztur where the heating functioned poorly, the children had no shoes and thus could not attend school.

In a first offer of help, we said we would bring each child three pair of shoes – house shoes, street shoes and winter shoes. The true extent of the living conditions of children living in orphanages became clear when a second letter from Rev. Istvan Hegyi arrived in Vienna telling about the scandalous conditions in a state-run orphanage in Sinmartin.  Too little food, no fresh milk, too little medicine, very little clothing and shoes, no toys, no bedding, too few diapers, no soap or detergent. 

There were 133 children between the age 6 months and 3 years in this orphanage in Sinmartin.  Rev. Hegyi further reported that the children received only one bowl of soup a day and that the 2 – 3 year old children weighed on the average just 6 kilograms. Clearly a disaster for the babies and young children!

The most important goal for Tausendfüssler – Centipede was to provide these children in the Sinmartin orphanage with foodstuffs, medicine, clothing and shoes to make it possible for them to grow up in humanely in dignity.

We found children in dire need not only in Sinmartin. Centipede had to provide humane aid to children in homes and schools in the Carpathian region of Harghita in the first year of its activities at nine other Romanian locations.

These locations are:

the Keresztur orphanage, the Olteni orphanage, the technical college Csiszereda "Szekely Karoly" (delivery of 25 computers for setting up a computer science class), the children's group of the miners' settlement of the kaolin mine Baile Harghita, primary school and kindergarten Csiksomlyo, primary school and kindergarten Csiksomortan, Elementary School and kindergarten Erdö Alja, Elementary School and kindergarten Csinod.  

Orphanage in Sinmartin Entrance                       door of the orphanage                                Carmen 3 years old                              Laszlo 3 years old

The help offers standardized by the Tausendfüssler - Centipede are:



The colorful box


Since the start of the project in 1990, we have been able to give the children 26,610 " colorful boxes".


The content of a colorfully packed shoe box is:


1 bar of chocolate,

1 bag of gummy bears,

1 pack of Manner cuts,

1 bar of soap,

1 toothbrush, 1 toothpaste,

1 exercise book,

1 coloring book,

2 colored pencils.




The Bananabox for babies and toddlers


Since the project started in 1990, we have been able to give the children 15,051 banana boxes !


The approximately 20 kg banana box contains:

Sugar, cooking oil, pasta, soup noodles, soup cubes, rice, semolina, canned fruit, jam, cocoa powder, drinking cocoa, biscuits, semolina, rice, chocolate, gummy bears, baby soap, hair shampoo, care cream, cotton swabs, cotton wool, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, washing powder.




Baby milk project


The most important project for the babies and toddlers cared for by Centipede is the baby milk project. Each child receives half a liter of fresh milk a day.

The little ones need this as the most important part of their diet.



Hygiene Project


Items of the colorful cotton bag are:


toothbrushes and toothpastes,

cotton wool, cotton swabs,

baby care oil,

baby care cream

and 2 kg washing powder.



Kindergarten projects


Infants in the kindergartens run by Centipede receive:



Colored pencils,

Craft material.


The children also get:




Children's soaps

Care cream



School project


The elementary schools in the Hargitha area supervised by Centipede receive teaching and school materials as well as sports equipment for instruction.


School project "Schreiberlinge"


Learn to write and draw.

Put in an A4 envelope: pencils, colored pencils, felt-tip pens, markers, ballpoint pens and paper.

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