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Pack the "colorful box"

The children love this gift from the big, distant world.

A world, that for them means fragrance, candy and drawing. They are overjoyed when we put YOUR colorful gifts in their little hands. We have taken about 30.000 "Colorful boxes" with us to Romania for the children since 1990.















The children in the Saifen Boden elementary school filled the shoebox with the following items:


 1 bar of chocolate, 1 piece of soap, 1 bag of gummy bears, 1 piece of children's toothbrush, 1 packet of men's slices, 1 tube

Toothpaste, 1 exercise book, 1 coloring book, 2 colored pencils.

Then, with the help of mum or grandmother, the children packed the shoebox in bright colors, glued it and handed it over to us. During our tour 64, in November 2017, we were able to hand over 541 "colorful boxes" to the children in Romania.















Love can move mountains .....

"Centipede, please come back to our school soon!"

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