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Love can move mountains ...


Tausendfüssler - Centipede was founded on March 3, 1990 with the aim of providing 133 babies and toddlers in an orphanage in Sinmartin / Romania with baby food, milk powder, medication, clothing, toys and the promised shoes and clothing for the 166 children in Keresztur.


The students of the Vienna International School collected over 500 pairs of shoes in a short time, our project name was born:

"Project Tausendfüssler - Project Centipede"


In the past 27 years, it was possible to organize the rapidly growing project internationally and to make it known beyond the borders of Austria. Project Centipede is primarily active in Romania and India at several locations for babies, toddlers and young people.


With our organization "Butterfly" we can respond to acute emergencies such as the earthquake in L`Aquila, Italy or the tsunami catastrophe in Tamil Nadu, southern India.

Our goal is to help children and give them joy and love!


If you have any ideas on how we can help children who are in a difficult situation in their young lives in our projects, please tell us. (Tel: +43 664 38 36 853)


The little ones also need your help, your ideas and your commitment!


For our team

Louise and Heinz Pickart

the founders of the international "Project Centipede - Project Centipede"


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