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Where does the help come from - where does it go

Where does it come from: food, sweets, school supplies, clothing, shoes and where do the donations and financial aid come from?

Help is coming from:


Evangelical Reformed City Church, 1010 Vienna

Vienna Community Church, 1010 Vienna;

Evangelical Reformed Congregation Oberwart

Evangelical Community AB Klosterneuburg

Evangelical Congregation Mödling

Parish Starchant, 1160 Vienna

Afrikaanse Gemeente, 1120 Vienna


Vienna International School, 1220 Vienna

Danube International School, 1020 Vienna

Amadeus International School, 1180 Vienna

Windhabergasse-Sievering primary school, Vienna

Saifen Boden primary school, Styria

Oberwart elementary school, Burgenland

Companies and Organizations:

Confiserie Heindl, Vienna, Austria

Austrian-American Society

Merkur, Oberwart, Burgenland

ORS Service AG

Austrian Armed Forces "Help Officials"

Schönbunner Marionetten Theater, Vienna, Austria

Naturfreunde Kletterhalle, Vienna, Austria

Naturfreunde OG Alte Donau, Vienna, Austria 

Women's club and sections of the SPÖ Ottakring, Vienna, Austria

From private supporters and 1262 committed volunteers in 69 teams (since 1990).


Our way to Csikszereda/Romania  leads us from Vienna - Nickelsdorf (border Austria / Hungary) - via Budapest - Szolnok - Bors (border Hungary / Romania) - Oradea - Cluj Napoca - Sighisoara - Odorheiu Secuiesc - over the Carpathians to Csikszereda / Miercurea Ciuc.
The help goes to schools and homes in:
Csikszereda, Csiksomlyo, Erdö Alja - Sinmartin - Csinod - Olteni (the most distant destination on our tour to Romania.)
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