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Dear Sir or Madam, dear friends of Millipede - Centipede.

In the last 27 years we have achieved a lot for the children in the homes and schools of our projects. Our common advocacy and commitment has contributed significantly to the fact that the children are properly cared for today and that they are doing well as a result. So that we can continue to shape the living conditions of the little ones positively in the future, we ask you for further help and support.

Donation account: Project Centipede - Project Centipede

Bank Austria UniCedit

IBAN: AT19 1200 000607 133501


Whereby do we urgently need your financial and material help for the children?

Exclusively for groceries, hygiene articles and the baby milk bill.

Many organizations have an enormous amount of administrative effort.

Not a single euro is spent on administration at Projekt Tausendfüssler- Project Centipede!

Our organization does not have an expense account - we also have small employees!

The 1262 voluntary work of our 64 international teams was of course responsible for their expenses on the visiting tours to Romania or India.

For 27 years, YOUR financial and material help has come directly to the children.

This can be confirmed by 1262 multinational team members who visited the children in our projects.

We thank you for the generous financial and material help!

A lot of commitment made it possible to give thousands of children the chance to grow up in a child-friendly manner.

Knowing that the need and poverty in the countries where Centipede is active has hardly decreased, we ask you for further help and support of the children in our projects.

Many Thanks!

Louise and Heinz Pickart

PS: Our milk project

Would you like to give a benefit concert for the babies and toddlers in Sinmartin?

Please talk to us. Our email address:



The little ones need our help.

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