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Our active projects for Centipede India

The roots of Centipede India

The organization "Tausendfüssler - Centipede" was founded in 1990 by Louise and Heinz Pickart and since then has been known in many countries as a good, humanitarian example in helping children and young people who have to live in great poverty.

Centipede India is a sub-organization of Tausendfüssler - Centipede and works with the "Suvartha Charitable Trust" in Kerala / South India.

In the cooperation, kindergartens, elementary schools and a home for mentally handicapped children - the "Dephty Special School" in Muhamma - are looked after.

It is the goal of Centipede India, together with the Suvartha Charitable Trust, to open up educational opportunities for children and young people.

Furthermore, it is possible for us to contribute to the health care of the people in the local area with the blood test laboratory in Ala.


Centipede India started its activities in 2001 and it is evident that the development of the projects is definitely positive. Naturally, with a bigger budget, we could do a lot more for the children.

We, therefore, ask you for additional financial support.


Thank you for your help over the past years.

Louise and Heinz Pickart


Donation account:

Project Tausendfüssler - Project Centipede Centipede India

IBAN: AT18 1200 0006 0713 3519



Computer lessons at the Ala training center.

Disc learning with stylus and slate.

St. John's High School, Centipede provides lunch for all children.

Suvaratha Charitable Trust blood testing laboratory Ala.

Centipede greets the children in India with:

"My first pencil! Kindergarten in Putenangadi.

The two girls will be able to go to school in the future as Centipede India will provide their lunch.

"Depty Special School", Muhamma,

 Singalong: "Be happy"

Blood test laboratory Ala, in the test equipment area.

"Be happy"
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