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Our active "Butterfly Projects"

The great need and the urgent need for help must of course be evident in our deliberations.The question of the sensible and feasible organizational framework for our organization had to be clarified quickly.

Like a butterfly lingering briefly on a flower blossom, we want to organize urgent support offers for children, which should not limit our capacity for our projects in Romania and India.


The following pictures show the scope of the "Butterfly Projects."

Serbia Children's Cancer Clinic Belgrade

Entrance to the Children's Cancer Clinic

Drug donation

A small patient from the children's clinic.

Croatia Medical and technical project, island of Hvar / Stari Grad

Medicines and food for stari degrees.

An incubator for premature babies.

Toys for kindergarten.

Italy earthquake disaster - projects in Fossa near L´Aquilla

Fossa near L'Aquilla, in front of it the tent city.

Conversations with the children about their new school.

Colorful packs from Viennese children.

India tsunami disaster Tamil Nadu / Kerala

Press release from a daily newspaper in Kerala.

Destruction by the tsunami on the coast near Kolam / Kerala.

Centipede India was able to provide direct financial aid to 16 children orphaned after the tsunami.

Nigeria Baby Centipede for orphans in Abuja Project start on August 3rd, 2017

An additional "Butterfly Project"

Because of the urgency to help, we decided to organize "Project Baby Centipede Nigeria" within the framework of the Butterfly Projects of "Tausendfüssler - Centipede".


Talking about problems - yes - but it only makes sense if you are ready to act immediately.


Becky Adzua and her three children have decided to immediately help babies and toddlers who have to live in an orphanage in the capital of Nigeria - Abuja.


Becky is a qualified nurse and midwife trained in Nigeria and Austria and knows the current situation on-site very well.

As part of a family visit, the Adzua family was able to get urgently needed hygiene products for the orphaned children and to hand them over personally to the director of the orphanage, Rev. Emanuuel Iorgema Chafa.


Becky Adzua: "Ladies and gentlemen - dear friends, I would like to say thank you very much for your gifts, which we were able to give to the orphans, and I would also like to bring you greetings from Nigeria."

Children at the playground in the orphanage Abuja

Orphanage in Abuja / Nigeria

Hygiene items for the children                                                                Orphan 6 weeks old

Hungary / Ukraine Food for children in Hungary and Ukraine.

                                                                                        (Delivered to the "Hungarian Inter Church Aid Organization")

The Hungarian truck is loaded with 11,200 food parcels for children for transport from St.Andrä im Lungau to Budapest.

Centipede: "It is a noble job to help.

We would like to invite you to help give needy children new hope. "

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