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Centipede Art Gallery

Picture of the month, February 2018

I'm so happy !

I am now flying around the world and many children will see me.

I am so happy!

I fly aroud the world and many children will see me.

The drawing was made by a student in the elementary school, Saifen Boden, Styria, Austria.

Drawing for the month of February 2018

Drawing of by child from the Vienna International School

Our "Centipede Art Gallery" was created in 1990 at the time when we had to decide in which way and form we could organize the exchange of information. Right from the start there were 4 language barriers: German, Hungarian, Romanian and English; and due to the internationality of the team members, there were further language barriers. Nevertheless, we had to find a way to show how the "Project Tausendfüssler - Centipede" developed and what visible progress has been made / and still is in caring for children in homes and schools.


Photography helped us with this. In 1990 cameras could take 36 pictures per roll and a lot of money had to be spent developing the films. Today everyone is equipped with the finest photo technology and is quite capable of being his own photo artist.

Our reports contain informative, good photographs  - "A picture is worth a thousand words".


The children love to draw the centipede and use all the techniques of painting to create beautiful works of art. We, therefore, invite the children to send us their Centipede pictures. Centipede Art Gallery will send the best image on the World Wide Web around the globe.

We take the liberty of asking you, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, to send us your photo that shows how you and your child fill the colorful box or the banana box. This photo will also go around the globe on the World Wide Web. The pictures and photos you send us will be given to the children personally and handed over in the orphanages and schools of our projects.

The drawings and pictures should be sent to our address in the homepage format:

We ask you to support this campaign with a contribution per picture or drawing for baby milk.


Donation account:

Project Tausendfüssler- Project Centipede

Bank Ausrtia-Unicrdit

IBAN: AT19 1200 0006 0713 3501



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